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⚙️ Configuration

Tabby server will look for a configuration file at ~/.tabby/config.toml for advanced features.

Repository context for code completion​

To enable repository level context for code completion, you can add the following to your configuration file:

# Index three repositories' source code as additional context for code completion.

name = "tabby"
git_url = ""

# git through ssh protocol.
name = "CTranslate2"
git_url = ""

# local directory is also supported!
name = "repository_a"
git_url = "file:///home/users/repository_a"

Once this is set, you can run tabby scheduler to index the source code repository.


By default, tabby scheduler runs in a daemon and processes its pipeline every 5 hours. To run the pipeline immediately, use tabby scheduler --now.

artifacts produced by tabby scheduler
~/.tabby % ls dataset

~/.tabby % ls index 2ed712d4a7a44ed797dd4ff5ceaf4312.fieldnorm
b42ca53fe6f94d0c8e96f947318278ba.idx 1a8729fa34d844df984b444f4def1456.fieldnorm
2ed712d4a7a44ed797dd4ff5ceaf4312.idx b42ca53fe6f94d0c8e96f947318278ba.pos

In a code completion request, additional context from the source code repository will be attached to the prompt for better completion quality. For example:

Example prompt for code completion, with retrieval augmented enabled
// Path: crates/tabby/src/serve/
// fn create_llama_engine(model_dir: &ModelDir) -> Box<dyn TextGeneration> {
// let options = llama_cpp_bindings::LlamaEngineOptionsBuilder::default()
// .model_path(model_dir.ggml_q8_0_file())
// .tokenizer_path(model_dir.tokenizer_file())
// .build()
// .unwrap();
// Box::new(llama_cpp_bindings::LlamaEngine::create(options))
// }
// Path: crates/tabby/src/serve/
// create_local_engine(args, &model_dir, &metadata)
// Path: crates/tabby/src/serve/
// args.device.to_string()
// Path: crates/tabby/src/serve/
// download_model(&args.model, &args.device)
} else {

fn create_ctranslate2_engine(
args: &crate::serve::ServeArgs,
model_dir: &ModelDir,
metadata: &Metadata,
) -> Box<dyn TextGeneration> {
let device = format!("{}", args.device);
let options = CTranslate2EngineOptionsBuilder::default()

Usage Collection​

Tabby collects usage stats by default. This data will only be used by the Tabby team to improve its services.

What data is collected?​

We collect non-sensitive data that helps us understand how Tabby is used. For now we collects serve command you used to start the server. As of the date 04/18/2024, the following information has been collected:

struct HealthState {
model: String,
chat_model: Option<String>,
device: String,
arch: String,
cpu_info: String,
cpu_count: usize,
cuda_devices: Vec<String>,
version: Version,
webserver: Option<bool>,

For an up-to-date list of the fields we have collected, please refer to

How to disable it​

To disable usage collection, set the TABBY_DISABLE_USAGE_COLLECTION environment variable by export TABBY_DISABLE_USAGE_COLLECTION=1.