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πŸ‘‹ What's Tabby

Tabby is an open-source, self-hosted AI coding assistant. With Tabby, every team can set up its own LLM-powered code completion server with ease.

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Product demo to bring Tabby locally on Mac

πŸ“„ About the Docs​

πŸ“š InstallationEverything deployment: Docker, Homebrew, Hugging Face Space and many others
πŸ’» IDE / Editor ExtensionsIDE/Editor extensions that can be seamlessly integrated with Tabby
πŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬ Models DirectoryA curated list of models that we recommend using with Tabby
🏷️ API ReferencesCheckout Tabby API Documentation
🏘️ CommunityEverything about for developers and contributing
πŸ—ΊοΈ RoadmapOur future plans

πŸ“ Principles​

  • Open: Tabby is free, open-source, and compatible with major Coding LLMs (CodeLlama, StarCoder, CodeGen). In fact, you can use and combine your preferred models without implementing anything by yourself.

  • End-to-End: While most coding tools consider code completion merely as a thin wrapper atop Coding LLMs, in real-world scenarios, optimizations in IDE extensions can be just as crucial as the capabilities of Coding LLMs. Tabby optimizes the entire stack:

    • IDE extensions: Tabby achieves accurate streaming and cancellation with an adaptive caching strategy to ensure rapid completion (in less than a second).
    • Model serving: Tabby parses relevant code into Tree Sitter tags to provide effective prompts.
  • User and Developer Experience: The key to sustainable open-source solutions is to make it easier for everyone to contribute to projects. AI experts should feel comfortable understanding and improving the suggestion quality. EngOps team should find it easy to set up and feel in control of the data. Developers should have an "aha" moment during coding time. Tabby optimizes the experience for these core users to enhance your team's productivity.

🏘️ Community​

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