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Tabby VSCode Extension

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Tabby is an AI coding assistant that can suggest multi-line code or full functions in real-time.

Tabby VSCode extension is compatible with VSCode β‰₯ 1.82.0, as well as web environments like

For more information, please check out our Website and GitHub. If you encounter any problem or have any suggestion, please open an issue, or join our Slack community for support.


Try our online demo here.


Getting Started​

Once you have installed the Tabby VSCode extension, you can easily get started by following the built-in walkthrough guides. You can access the walkthrough page at any time by using the command Tabby: Getting Started.

  1. Setup the Tabby server: You can build your own self-hosted Tabby server following this guide.
  2. Connect the extension to your Tabby server: Use the command Tabby: Specify API Endpoint of Tabby to connect the extension to your Tabby server.
    • Note: If your Tabby server requires an authentication token, a notification will be displayed, and you can set the token by following the prompt. Alternatively, you can set it in the config file.

Once the setup is complete, Tabby will automatically provide inline suggestions. You can accept the suggestions by simply pressing the Tab key.

If you prefer to trigger code completion manually, you can select the manual trigger option in the settings. After that, use the shortcut Alt + \ to trigger code completion. To access the settings page, use the command Tabby: Open Settings.