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Tabby VSCode Extension

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Tabby is an open-source, self-hosted AI coding assistant designed to help you write code more efficiently.


Tabby suggests multi-line code completions and full functions in real-time as you write code. Give it a try in the online playground.

Autocomplete Demo


Tabby can answer general coding questions and specific questions about your codebase with its chat functionality. Here are a few ways to utilize it:

  • Start a session in the chat view from the activity bar.
  • Select some code and use commands such as Tabby: Explain This to ask questions about your selection.
  • Request code edits directly by using the Tabby: Edit... command (shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd+I).

Getting Started​

  1. Setup Tabby Server: Set up your self-hosted Tabby server and create your account following this guide.
  2. Connect to Server: Use the Tabby: Connect to Server... command in the command palette and input your Tabby server's endpoint URL and account token. Alternatively, use the Config File for cross-IDE settings.

That's it! You can now start using Tabby in VSCode. Use the Tabby: Quick Start command for a detailed interactive walkthrough.

Additional Resources​