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Usage Collection

Tabby collects usage stats by default. This data will only be used by the Tabby team to improve its services.

What data is collected?​

We collect non-sensitive data that helps us understand how Tabby is used. For now we collects serve command you used to start the server. As of the date 04/18/2024, the following information has been collected:

struct HealthState {
model: String,
chat_model: Option<String>,
device: String,
arch: String,
cpu_info: String,
cpu_count: usize,
cuda_devices: Vec<String>,
version: Version,
webserver: Option<bool>,

For an up-to-date list of the fields we have collected, please refer to

How to disable it​

To disable usage collection, set the TABBY_DISABLE_USAGE_COLLECTION environment variable by export TABBY_DISABLE_USAGE_COLLECTION=1.