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Running Tabby on Windows using Tabby's exe distribution.

Find the Windows release​

Download the release​

  • If you are using a CPU-only system, download the tabby_x86_64-windows-msvc.exe file.
  • If you are using a GPU-enabled system, download the tabby_x86_64-windows-msvc-cuda117.exe file, In this example, we assume you are using CUDA 11.7.


  • Download the CUDA Toolkit from Nvidia:
  • Ensure that you have CUDA version 11 or higher installed.
  • Check your local CUDA version by running the following command in a command prompt or PowerShell window:
nvcc --version

Running Tabby​

Open a command prompt or PowerShell window in the directory where you downloaded the Tabby executable. Run the following command:

# For CPU-only environments
.\tabby_x86_64-windows-msvc.exe serve --model StarCoder-1B

# For CUDA-enabled environments
.\tabby_x86_64-windows-msvc-cuda117.exe serve --model StarCoder-1B --device cuda